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River of Return

 in February 2007 Agitation Free gave 3 Concerts in Tokyo

 We prepare a documentation for that.

Here a picture from Shibuya O`West, more following soon!


2001 Goethe-Institut established it`s 50-years existing with an exhibition in "Berliner Kronprinzenpalais" with the Exhibition "Murnau, Manila, Minsk. 50 Jahre Goethe-Institut". Agitation Free was honoured to be the one and only german rockband in this matter. Thank You Goethe-Institute!
Please visit the Sites of Goethe-Institute!

Our current CD "River of Return" is ready and available!

River of Return

Musicians: Lutz "Lüül" Ulbrich (g, kb), Gustl Lütjens (g, kb), Burghard Rausch (dr), Johannes "Alto" Pappert (ex-Kraan, sax) and Michael "Fame" Günther (b, kb).
Guestmusicians: Chris Dehler (overtone-vocals, Didgeridoo), Koma (bagpipe), Minas Saluyan (perc), Bernard "Potsch" Potschka (g, Mandoline, Udu)
Distributed on the
label Prudence order No.: 398.6552.2 by
Since 7.9.99 also available in theUSA. Distribution by Electric Kingdom

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