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Quasimodo , formerly "Quartier von Quasimodo". On the Fasanen Strasse on the corner of the Kant Strasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg, next to the Theater des Westens and in the basement of the "Delphi" movie theater. Probably Berlin's most enduring jazz and rock club since the early seventies. Italian Giorgio Cariotti , who started there as a waiter, owns the place today, and is recognized as the soul of the "Quasi" and the source of it's reputation. A performance there is a must, not only for local Berlin musicians.

Quartier Latin - a "cult" location on the Potsdamer Strasse in Berlin-Schöneberg, more or less Berlin's "Fillmore". Among other, Nina Hagen made her West German debut here; scene of triumphs by the Three Tornados and performances by international stars. Today is the site of the "Wintergarten" cabaret.

The  Zodiac was Berlin's first "underground" club - literally: it was located in the basement of the old Schaubühne theater at the Hallesches Ufer in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Concerts could only begin after the theater let out, about 11 p.m. The "bosses" were Conny Schnitzler and Boris, drummer from Cluster .

LOVE , Berlin's first "underground" paper, was a media link to the American hippy scene.

The  VCS3 was one of the first mass-produced synthesizers, forerunner of the EMS Synthi A .

The  EMS Synthi A was one of the first mass-produced synthesizers in the world, naturally an analogue instrument. A good example of it's sound can be heard on the LP, "White Noise".

Sun - Berlin's first "underground" discotheque, on the corner of the Kurfürstendamm and Joachim-Friedrich-Strasse in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. The building has since been torn down.

The  Beautiful Baloon was a club at the Lehniner Platz on the Kurfürstendamm, and today is the location for the new Schaubühne theater. In the twenties the Bauhaus-style structure housed the "Kabaret der Komiker" ("Comedians' Cabaret").

Dachluke ("skylight") - Berlin youth club from way back, on the Mehringdamm in Kreuzberg. It's most famous disc jockey was German pop and country music star Gunther Gabriel . The nicest deejay was Heinz Schulze , who encouraged Klaus Schulze and Harald Grosskopf , letting both stay in his apartment in the Schustherus Strasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Co-publisher of short-lived Berlin culture magazine " Hobo ". Also Klaus D. Müller temporarely worked there. In the seventies a "progressive day" was introduced at the Dachluke, so that bands like Agitation Free , Ash Ra Tempel and Mythos could play.

Go In - one of the three most important acoustic clubs in Berlin (along with the Steve Club and the Folk Pub), situated in the Bleibtreu Strasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg. More than just folk music could be presented there. Doesn't exist today.

Bataclan - an old dance club in Paris' eleventh Arrondissement on the Boulevard St. Voltaire. Very impressive plush interior decor.

The  German Superrock Festival took place on 19.5.1973 in Frankfurt, West Germany, in the festival hall on the exhibition grounds, and was put on by Fritz Rau (a former bass player), already in those days "the" promoter in Germany. On stage were Agitation Free, Atlantis, Karthago , Kraan , Amon Düül , Birth Control, Guru Guru and others.

Fabrik ("Factory") club in Hamburg, West Germany. Important club in Hamburg.

The  Sound was a large discotheque, formerly known as Centrum ("center") 2000. Later became a mecca for hard drugs (cf. Christiane F.).


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