Christoph Franke

Instruments: drums, synthesizer
Born: 6.4.1953 in Berlin

Bands: The Tigers , The Sentries , Agitation Free , Tangerine Dream

Christoph, called "Chrille" as a youth, was a member of Agitation Free until
1970 . Then joined Tangerine Dream (1971 - 1987). He also was involved in Heinz Lau ´s group Vox. Today (1995) involved in solo projects and is a busy film music composer with his own studio in Los Angeles.

LPs and CDs:
Alpha Centauri Tangerine Dream 1971
Zeit Tangerine Dream 1972
Atem Tangerine Dream 1973
Green Desert Tangerine Dream 1973
Phaedra Tangerine Dream 1974
Rubicon Tangerine Dream 1975
Ricochet Tangerine Dream 1975
Stratosfear Tangerine Dream 1976
Encore Tangerine Dream 1977
Cyclone Tangerine Dream 1978
Force Majeure Tangerine Dream 1979
Tangram Tangerine Dream 1980
Box-Sampler 70-80 Tangerine Dream 1980
Exit Tangerine Dream 1981
Pergamon Tangerine Dream 1981
White Eagle Tangerine Dream 1982
Logos Tangerine Dream 1982
Hyperborea Tangerine Dream 1983
Poland Live Tangerine Dream 1984
Le Parc Tangerine Dream 1985
Dream Sequence Tangerine Dream (Sampler) 1985
Underwater Sunlight Tangerine Dream 1986
The Collection Tangerine Dream 1987
Tyger Tangerine Dream 1987
Live Miles Tangerine Dream 1988
Pacific Coast Highway Solo 1991
The London Concert Solo 1992
Klemania Solo 1993
various film and TV scores, including the American TV series "Raven"

Christoph Franke
Christoph in 1970

Michael "Fame" Günther

Instrument: bass
Born: 6.12.50 in Berlin

Bands: Agitation Free , Eruption , Sopwith Camel , Lagoona

Michael Günther, nicknamed "Fame", was a founding member of Agitation Free and was with the band until the end. Sideactivities i.e. with Heinz Lau , Group Vox concerning so-called "serious" music or Sopwith Camel concerning rock music. Toward the end of Agitation Free he founded the bands Lagoona with Gustav Lütjens, Manfred Opitz and Konstantin "Bommi" Bommarius and Bo, Fame & Friends (with Gustav Lütjens , Hans Brandeis , Konstantin "Conny" Bommarius ). Also worked with Harald Großkopf , Lou Blackburn , Klaus Henrichs and others. "Hung-up" his bass in 1977, playing only occasionally with friends in hobby bands. Today works intensively with computers and programming (has programmed the CD-ROM you are presently using), and is a consultant in the field of rock and pop music, touring, and related background subjects. Technical director of the Berlin Jazz Festival for nearly twenty years. Author of the text you are now reading.

LPs and CDs

Malesch Agitation Free
1972 re-released as CD 1994
Second Agitation Free
Last Agitation Free
1974 re-released as CD 1993

Michael Günther

Fame on a happy occasion in 1994. Photo by Matthias Rogacki

Lutz "Lüül" Ulbrich

Instruments: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Born: 30.11.1952 in Berlin

Bands: The Tigers , The Sentries , Agitation Free , Ash Ra Tempel , (Ash Ra), Reineke Fuchs , Nico , Lüül , Eruption

Lutz Ulbrich was a founding member of Agitation Free and was was with the band until the end. After the band's dissolution, he played with Ash Ra, Michael Hoenig, Nico and was involved in various solo projects. He was a member of the rock theater project "Reineke Fuchs" for nine years.

His homepage

LPs und CDs
Malesch Agitation Free
1972 re-released as CD 1994
Second Agitation Free
Last Agitation Free
1974 re-released as CD 1993
Departure from the Northern Wasteland
Michael Hoenig 1978
Ash Ra
Belle Alliance
Ash Ra
Lüül Lutz Ulbrich
Und Ich Lüül
Walking the Desert
Ash Ra
Tropical Heat
Ash Ra
Berceau de Cristal
Ash Ra

Nico Live in New York

Morgens in der U-Bahn Lüül
Weiter weiter unermüdlich Vaganten

Discoveries diverse
Deutsche Welle diverse

Lutz Ulbrich, 1969
Lüül ca. 1969

  Lutz Ulbrich 1980

Lüül 1980 Photo by Detlef Maugsch

Lutz "Ludwig" Kramer

Instruments: guitar, vocals
Born: 14.1.1952 in Potsdam

Bands: Agitation Free

Lutz Kramer, known as "Ludwig", was a founding member of Agitation Free. Left the band in
1970 because of "internal disagreements" and joined Walpurgis . Eventually left Germany and settled in Bangkok, Thailand. Eight years later lives near Darmstadt, Germany, founded a family and is today referent with "CARITAS" in Offenbach. He only played on his accoustic guitar, wrote songs for his diary and bought himself a small home-studio after his experience during the short reunion with Agitation Free in "Tänenpalast", november 1997. His latest CD is Ludwig - being content.

His homepage

  Lutz Kramer
Lutz "Ludwig" Kramer ca. 1969 with his Fender Telecaster

Michael "Micki" Duwe

Instruments: vocals, guitar
Born: 31.10.1949 in Berlin

Bands: Hair , Agitation Free , Ash Ra Tempel , Metropolis

Michael Duwe, or "Mickie", was present at the birth of Agitation Free. Made his mark in a lead role in the Berlin premiere of the rock musical "Hair" in the early seventies. Was only briefly a member of Agitation Free; then played with
Ash Ra Tempel and Metropolis . Following various projects and travels abroad, he can today be heard as "Mickie D's Unicorn".

  his homepage

LPs and CDs
7 UP
Ash Ra Tempel 1972
Metropolis Metropolis 1973
Süss & Sauer Kinderlieder 1977
Departure from the Northern Wasteland
Michael Hoenig 1978
Mickie D´s Unicorn Mickie D´s Unicorn 1979
No Regrets Mickie D´s Unicorn 1989
Aladdin Mickie D´s Unicorn 1993
Dracula Trance Vania 1993 

Roland "Rolli" Paulick

Born: 14.4.1949 in Berlin
Instruments: synth

Bands: Agitation Free, Tangerine Dream

First road manager and important friend of Agitation Free
Was a musician on
Tangerine Dream 's first album (playing an EMS VCS 3 ), as well as contributing vocals to one song on Mike Oldfields "Don Alfonso" (produced by Edgar Froese).
Today owns a printing business in Berlin.

Alpha Centauri Tangerine Dream 1971
Don Alfonso Mike Oldfield

Roland Paulick

Rolli on his motor scooter in Berlin-Eichkamp

Folke Hanfeld

Light shows, multimedia concepts
Born: 25.3.1950 in Osnabrück, West Germany

Bands: Agitation Free

Was with us for several years, gave Agitation Free its name, and was the power behind our mixed-media activities. Today lives as independent artist in Berlin.

Folke Hanfeld
3-D shadow exhibition

1974 Light show for Terry Riley, National Gallery Berlin , Meta Musik Festival
1971 - 77 Masters degree HfBK Berlin
1978 - 80 slide projection for
Conrad Schnitzlers ´s "Music in the Electric Theatre"
1982 Festival Pro Musica Nova, Bremen
1983 3-D shadow exhibition
Pankehalle , Berlin
Installation in
Hebbel-Theater , Berlin
Kunstverein and Kunsthaus Hamburg
Die 3. + 4. Dimension , Installation, Brüssel
1985 Gallery Giannozzo, Berlin
1986 Förtsch Gallery, Berlin
1987 - 93 Instructor in architecture
TU Berlin
1988 Performance Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
1989 Installations in
Hauptbahnhof Hamburg
1990 - 1992 Work on model of public building in Berlin's Potsdamer / Leipziger Platz
1990 Studies in urban architecture in Tokyo und Osaka
1991 Participation in exhibition of competition for design of Potsdamer / Leipziger Platz
Light design in Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium, Berlin
1993 Proposal for monument in memory of Nazi book-burning, Bebelplatz, Berlin
1994 Exhibition in Merve-Verlag, Berlin
Gallery Borgemeister, Berlin
1994 - 1995 Teaching job
FH Potsdam

Thomas "Tommy" Kessler

Born: 1937 in Zürich

Thomas Kessler

Director and teacher in so-called "Beat Studio" on the Pfalzburger Strasse in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. More or less the "Father" of the " Berlin School " of Elektronischen Rockmusi k. Today teaches in Basel.

John L.

Real name Manfred Brück
Instruments: voc, percussion
Born: 5.12.1946 died on 15th Sept. 2007 from cancer

Bands: Agitation Free, Ash Ra Tempel , Scarecrow

Came to Berlin in
1967 . Was guest performer with Agitation Free and Ash Ra Tempel. Recited lyrics and danced, usually naked (but with painted penis), on the stage and in the audience.

LPs and CDs
Schwingungen Ash Ra Tempel 1972 CD 1993

John L. and Lutz Ulbrich

John L. (left) and Lüül in Frankfurt after the concert in Underground


Alfred "Bergi" Bergmann

Born: 1940 in Essen, West Germany

Bands: "Member" of Agitation Free without musical instrument, but with tongue, hands, and typewriter.

Alfred Bergmann , a teacher of mine in the Robert-Bosch-Schule , was, for a long time, Agitation Free's father figue. He and his wife Marianne are among our best friends. " Bergi " (as I like to call him) wrote many radio plays for which Agitation Free provided the music.

1966 - 71 Teacher at
Robert-Bosch-Oberschule in Berlin
1978 / 79 Guest lecturer at the
Hochschule for Bildende Künste , Berlin
1980 / 81 Lecturer in childrens and youth literature, Berlin

Until the present, 19 radio plays: with participation from Agitation Free or members thereof:
Nicht for die Schule ( SFB , HR , NDR ) 1972
Agitation Free -
Portrait einer Musikgruppe ( SFB ) 1973
Eine Krähe hackt der anderen ( SFB ) 1973
Störenfried ( HR , RIAS ) 1974

Alfred Bergmann
clipping from a magazine listing

Axel "Ax" Genrich

Instruments: guitar
Born: 24.3.45

Bands: Light of Mingus, Music Transmission (with Georg Früchtenicht b and Tommy Goldschmidt of Karthago dr), Agitation Free, Guru Guru , Highdelberg, Riff, Rockin´ Daddies

Axel, also known as "Ax", replaced
Lutz Kramer . With Agitation Free he learned to play an improvised guitar, at the same time he played with a Band called Music Transmission and, with this band developed the structures he later used with Guru Guru. Met Guru Guru at the " 1. Deutsches Progressives Popfestival " in 1970 in the Berlin Sportpalast and sooned joined them. Today (in 1995) he, the old Rock & Roll Preacher, says that the difference in our ages also have been important in his decision to leave Agitation Free. Left Guru Guru in 1974 and produced several solo records.

LPs and CDs
UFO Guru Guru 1970
Hinten Guru Guru 1971
Känguru Guru Guru 1972
Guru Guru Guru Guru 1973
Don´t call us, We call You Guru Guru 1973
Ax Genrich´s Highdelberg Highdelberg 1975
Der Elektrolurch Guru Guru Sampler
Psychedelic Guitar Ax Genrich 1994
Wave Cut Ax Genrich 1995 

Jörg "Joshi" Schwenke

Instruments: guitar
Born: 13.6.1952 in Berlin
Died: 14.5.90 in Berlin

Bands: The Shatters, Agitation Free

Jörg (we called him " Joshi ") left the Shatters (back-up band for the Berlin Schlager -singer Manuela) in 1970 , he joined Agitation Free. He played with us until 8.5.73, when he was fired as a result of his herion addiction after a concert in the Sound discotheque. Other than an occasional sighting, we lost track of him. By chance we heard about his death on May 14, 1990, when he was found dead in a Berlin subway station, apparently a drug victim.

LPs and CDs
Malesch Agitation Free
1972 re-released as CD 1994
Last Agitation Free
1974 re-released as CD 1993

Jörg Schwenke
Joshi at the Teufelsberg , Berlin - Charlottenburg ca. 1970

Klaus Schulze

Instruments: Synth, drums, keyboard, computer
Born: 4.8.1947 in Berlin

Bands: Psi , Ash Ra Tempel , Tangerine Dream
A founder of Ash Ra Tempel, member with
Michael Hoenig of the short-lived project Timewind , numerous recordings with Harald Grosskopf. After we saw him perform with Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus declined to join Agitation Free, but brought Burghard Rausch to the band. He preferred to go solo.

LPs and CDs (selections)
since 1995 about 50 Solo-Albums, i. e.
Irrlicht Klaus Schulze 1972
Cyborg Klaus Schulze 1973
Blackdance Klaus Schulze 1974
Picture Music Klaus Schulze 1974
Timewind Klaus Schulze 1975
Go Stomu Yamashta 1976
Moondawn Klaus Schulze 1976
Body Love Klaus Schulze 1977
Mirage Klaus Schulze 1977
Body Love Vol. 2 Klaus Schulze 1977
X Klaus Schulze 1978

various film and radio scores, founder of two labels, producer of various musicians, bands and albums.
His name is mentioned on over 500 LPs and CDs. It is impossible to list all the records here in which he has participated; Klaus is one of the most agile personalities of the so-called "Berlin School". Today in the aera of Techno-Music he is called as "Father of Techno" by this scene.

Michael "Höni" Hoenig

Instruments: synth, keyboards
Born: 4.1.1952 in Hamburg, West Germany

Bands: Agitation Free, Eruption, Timewind mit Klaus Schulze , Tangerine Dream , Ash Ra Tempel

"Höni" joined Agitation Free in February
1971 and remained a member almost to the end. Inititated the Timewind project with Klaus Schulze in 1974 . Subsequently joined Tangerine Dream and appeared with them on a tour of Australia and in a famous concert given in the Royal Albert Hall, London. 1976 saw the release of a collaboration with Manuel Göttsching ( Ash Ra Tempel ), " Early Water ". In 1977 he was one of the the first German rock musicians to sign a record contract with an American "major label". After his solo debut album, "Departure from the Northern Wasteland", he left for America to collaborate with Philip Glas on the score to the film "Koyaanisquatsi". Has been working with ex-Rolling Stones sideman Jack Nitzsche since 1985 (Nitzsche played keyboards for the Stones prior to Don Preston). Today has his own recording studio Los Angeles, and has written extensively for film.

Discography (Selections):
Malesch Agitation Free
1972 re-released as CD 1994
Second Agitation Free
Last Agitation Free
1974 re-released as CD 1993
Departure from the northern Wasteland Michael Hoenig 1978
Xcept One Michael Hoenig 1987
The Blob Michael Hoenig 1988
Early Water Hoenig / Göttsching 1995
as well as many film scores, e.g. Koyaanisquatsi, 9 1/2 Weeks, Highlander, TV series such as "Max Headroom", etc.

Michael Hönig
Höni visiting a restaurant in Paris, Photo Irm Siering

Burghard Rausch

Instruments: drums
Born: 29.10.1947 in Berlin

Bands: Agitation Free, Sopwith Camel , Bel Ami

Joined Agitation Free ca. September
1971 , after being introduced to us by Klaus Schulze . Even then already moonlighting as a deejay in discotheques such as the "Park" and the " Sound " in Berlin. Became a magazine journalist and broadcaster for the Berlin radio station RIAS . In 1976 joined the band Bel Ami , which recorded 3 LP's. Has been a presenter at Radio Bremen since 1987. Also co-author of several books about rock music.

Malesch Agitation Free
1972 re-released as CD 1994
Second Agitation Free
Last Agitation Free
1974 re-released as CD 1993
Berlin bei Nacht Bel Ami
Großstadtmelodie Bel Ami
Soweit die Füße tragen Bel Ami

Stationen - Die Lebensstile der Rockepoche Deicke / Rausch
Rockmusik Lexikon Graf / Rausch

Burghard Rausch
Burghard on Teufelsberg Hill, Berlin-Charlottenburg

Stephan Diez

Instruments: guitar
Born: 6.1.1954 in Berlin

Bands: Joe Nay, Agitation Free, Zbigniew Seifert Band, Chris Hinze Combination, Mirrors

Stephan replaced
Jörg "Joshi" Schwenke but just stayed until we finished our album "Second". Stephan was able to play a guitar like a sitar. Active as a studio musician since 1978, has worked on countless record and television productions with German and international artists. Active since 1980 as a composer and arranger. 1987 - 1990 member of Konstantin Wecker 's band. Member of the new NDR Big Band since 1990.

Discography (selections):
Second Agitation Free
Mirrors Mirrors 1980
Lost in a dream Mirrors 1993
Konstantin Wecker Live Konstantin Wecker 1990

Stephan Diez
Stephan Diez during a tour break in France, Klaus D. Müller , our road manager, in background

Assaad Debs

Born: 28.12.1951 in Paris

With his production companies
Wah Wah and Rosebud , manager and promoter in France for Tangerine Dream , Ash Ra Tempel , Klaus Schulze , Can , Agitation Free, Nico , Amon Düül , Kraftwerk and all other acts under contract to Virgin Records. Organized the legendary Cathedral Concert with Tangerine Dream and Nico in Reims Cathedral, was Virgin's main man in France, and worked for several years in Palace, Paris, and other places with Serge Gainsbourg and Dire Straights.
Also promoted Talking Heads, Clash, B 52, J. Geils Band, and Simply Red. Ran the promotion company
Corrida with his partner Jaques Renault, exclusive management for Les Negresses Vertes and Les Rita Mitsoukos, also manages the CIGALE.

Assaad Debs
Assaad during the festivals in Arles (summer '75), enjoying the swimming pool with the bands

Bernhard "Averell" Arndt

Instruments: keyboards, piano
Born: 30.11.1954 in Berlin

Bands: Guricht, Agitation Free, Os Mundi, Berlin Jazz Workshop Orchestra

Bernhard played keyboards for Agitation Free from July to November
1974 , up to and including the "Final Reunion".

Working Bernhard Arndt / Manfred Kussatz
Who is Who Berlin Jazz Workshop Orchestra
Sib Langis Berlin Jazz Workshop Orchestra

Bernhard Arndt
Bernhard "Averell" Arndt in Witten

Christian Kneisel

Instruments: synth
Born: 24.8.1953 in Berlin

Bands: Vox, Agitation Free, Bleibtreu Revue, Frieder Butzmann

Christian has an interesting musical past. He has often worked with musicians from different genres and has never shied away from exploring new territories. The space is lacking here to enumerate all of his activites. A longtime friend of Agitation Free, he grew up with
Michael Hoenig in the Dernburg Strasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg, went to school with Fame , and became an active member of AF in 1974 . With a long academic background and experience as a music teacher, works now in a directorial capacity at Berlin's Academy of Art (Akademie der Künste), is an instructor at Berlin's Free University, and is busy with many musical projects.

Volt-Age Christian Kneisel 1980
Else Nabu & Christian Kneisel Else Nabu & Christian Kneisel 1982
Gala Christian Kneisel 1983
Bleibtreu Revue Bleibtreu Revue 1984
Butzmann II Frieder Butzmann 1986
Contacts Christian Kneisel 1992
Christian Kneisel & Chris Evans Christian Kneisel & Chris Evans 1994
Berichte aus der Arbeitswelt Christian Kneisel 1995

Christian Kneisel
Am Lietzensee from left to right, Christian Kneisel, Bernhard Arndt, Michael "Fame" Günther

Peter Michael Hamel

Instruments: keyboards, vocals
Geburtstag: 15.7.1947 in Munich

Bands: Agitation Free , Between

Peter Michael Hamel , a friend of Thomas Kessler , got Agitation Free its first record contract. At our invitation he contributed to our first LP, " Malesh ". We often met him and his band at festivals, such as at the " Spielstrasse " at the Munich Olympics in 1972 . He recieved the Music Prize of the City of Munich in 1977. Peter Michael Hamel, also an explorer of diverse musical worlds, became known as a composer of music for theater (among others for the Schaubühne in Berlin ) and film. His interest in Asian music led to the book "Through Music to the Self," published in 1976.

LP´s and CD´s
Einstieg Between 1971
Malesh Agitation Free
Hamel Peter Michael Hamel 1972
The Voice of Silence Peter Michael Hamel 1973
And the waters opened Between 1973
Dharana Between 1974
Hesse Between Music Between 1975
Buddhist Meditation East-West Peter Michael Hamel 1975
Nada Peter Michael Hamel 1977
Contemplation Between 1977 

Dietmar "Didi" Burmeister

Instruments: drums
Born: 14.2.1951 in Berlin

Bands: Agitation Free, Ash Ra Tempel , Seedog, Evi und die Evidrins

Agitation Free band member March to June
1973 .

Seven Up Ash Ra Tempel 1973
We hope to see You Seedog 1974
Last Agitation Free
Evi und die Evidrins Evi und die Evidrins 1980 Single

Dietmar Burmeister
Dietmar Burmeister
Dietmar Burmeister and Michael Günther

Didi (left) and Fame (right) after a night at
Irm 's in Paris Photo Irm Siering

Gerd Klemke

Instruments: drums
Born: 15.01.1950 in Berlin

Bands: Garlick Generation, Agitation Free, Mauermusik

Gerd "Gerdi" Klemke, helped us
1971 to get our Near-East-Tour, when he replaced Christoph Franke for a Concert in Quartier Latin . Due to several circumstances (i. E. Gerd dosn´t like to fly, and Burghard Rausch became our new drummer) he didnt´t participate on this Tour. Nevertheless, he made his way. He studied drums at the Hochschule für Musik Berlin and Composition at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin with Isan Yun , teached several Berlin drummers how to play and 1991 moved together with his Norwegian woman to Oslo, where he has been a teacher for music-theory at the Akademy of Music.There he participated on the organisation of the so called "World Music Days" and has been musical coordinator with the "Hoewigskotden Kunstcenter". He also wrote several compositions of "Serious Music", which have been released on records. After his divorsion he thinks over to return to Berlin.

Gustav "Gustl" Lütjens

Instruments: guitar, vocals
Born: 22.6.1952 in Flensburg, West Germany

Bands: Vox, Agitation Free, Lagoona, Steinwolke

Sideman with Shirley Bassey, Nena, Veronika Fischer, Peter Sarstedt, Alphaville

Gustav Lütjens

His Homepage 

In 1968 studied guitar under Ellmar Turnage of the Don Ellis Big Band. Arrived in Berlin in 1973 and played from time to time in Prof. Heinz Lau 's " Gruppe Vox " After the dissolution of Agitation Free founded the groups Bo, Fame & Friends (with Michael "Fame" Günther , Hans Brandeis , Konstantin "Conny" Bommarius ) and Lagoona with Michael "Fame" Günther Manfred "Manne" Opitz und Konstantin "Conny" Bommarius . Then further collaboration with the above musicians, as well as with Harald Grosskopf, Lou Blackburn, Klaus Henrichs , and others. In addition to his own projects (e.g., a duo with Joey Albrecht of Karthago ), he was a studio musician for among other Veronika Fischer and Tom Cunningham, and played in the tour bands from Shirley Bassey and Nena . Chart success came with a single with the band Steinwolke from Hannover, Germany, as well as three further singles and an album. He and Peter Freimanis released an instrumental CD, "Living Mirrors", in 1992, that established him in the American new age chart.

Follow Your heart Joey Albrecht & Gustl Lütjens 1983
Satu Wave 1983
Afternoons in Utopia Alphaville 1986
I ´s Herrey 1987
Bitte nicht knicken Steinwolke 1988
Verika Fischer Veronika Fischer 1989
Der Schläfer Gustl Lütjens 1990
Keine Liebe - kein Voran Gustl Lütjens 1991
Livin Mirrors Gustl Lütjens 1992
Und alles dreht sich Nena 1994
Nena Live Nena 1995 

Volker Cornelius , Manager, Architekt, Photograph.Our first Manager and a great inspirator.I could not get in touch with him (1995), he seems to be lost. If a user of this CD-ROM gets in contact with him, please transmit: He should call us!

Karl-Heinz Hausmann keyboard, electronics. Joined Amon Düül II in 1971. Lived with our guitarist Lutz Kramer in the Kommune I . Later became a high-end studio electronics sales representative in Berlin. Lives today in Starnberg in Bavaria.

Kommune I - the first Berlin residential urban commune, in the Stephan Strasse in Berlin-Moabit. Became publicly known through many humorous incidents. Not as politically oriented as the later Kommune II. Leading members were Rainer Langhans , Fritz Teufel and Dieter Kunzelmann. At one time Agitation Free rehearsed in Kommune I.

Rainer Langhans was one of the founder's of Kommune I, disparaged by the press as antisocial. Was pressed into service as Agitation Free's roadie. Why? Because he had a VW bus!

Hartmut "Hacki" Enke - Ash Ra Tempel 's bassist. At some point became incoherent to the rest of us "normal" people (the expression, "LSD psychosis" has been said). I see him every ten years or so, somewhere in Berlin. Mach's gut, "Alter".

Manuel Göttsching - guitarist for Ash Ra Tempel . An extraordinary musician with whom I was happy to jam. A friend long after the days of Agitation Free were past.

Hubertus "Bert" von Puttkamer , today professor at Berlin's Technical University; specialty, the field of laser measurement technique. Today plays synthesizer himself. We met him in Egypt on Agitation Free's near East tour. It is maintained that our rhythm assisted his wife Dolores during the birth of their daughter. We are eternally grateful for the Super-8 movies with and about Agitation Free that he shot in Sakkarah.

Thomas Keyserling played flute for Amon Düül II , and later changed to free jazz.

Ladislav Kupkovic - Czech composer, recipient of Berlin's DAAD artis's stipend, famous for his Wandelkonzerte. Participated in the Gruppe neue Musik Berlin.

Richard Clapton - guitarist, singer, and songwriter, came to Berlin from England and stayed for two years. Earned several gold records upon his return to his native Australia. Is today Australia's most famous singer-songwriter.

Uli Popp - Agitation Free roadie. Played percussion on Malesch, and later in the band Ash Ra Tempel .

Uli Rathsack - longtime Agitation Free friend and roadie. Like many of our friends he had a drug problem, which is why we gave him the sack.

Konstantin Bommarius - drums, ex- Karthago . After Agitation Free ended, worked with Gustav "Gustl" Lütjens and Michael "Fame" Günther .

Manfred "Manne" Opitz - keyboarder for Metropolis . After Agitation Free ended, worked with Gustav "Gustl" Lütjens and Michael "Fame" Günther .

John Mernitt - drums. A native New Yorker, played drums for Agitation Free in 1974 . Made his living in Berlin as production mamger for a film company. His brother Billy Mernitt has written songs for, among others, Carly Simon.

Christian Rateuke - former dramatic advisor in the Forum-Theater. Fan and friend of Agitation Free. Was able to advise us prior to our Near East tour, as he himself had accompanied a production of Peter Handke's "das Mündel will Vormund sein" for the Goethe Institute on a world tour, and knew what awaited us. Today is author and director (among others, films starring Dieter Hallervorden).

Frank Diez - guitar, brother of Stephan Diez , one-time guitarist for Atlantis, the Hamburg band featuring Inga Rumpf.

Thomas Kretschmer - guitarist in Udo Lindenberg's Panik Orchester. Liked Agitation Free, and was ready to join, but received a better offer from an English band. Pity.

Pierre Latesse - French television personality, especially known for his shows for young people. Assisted Agitation Free during our French TV appearances.

Nico - (october 16th 1938 - july 18th 1988) - sang with the Velvet Underground , " Andy Warhol' s band." Became a songwriter through the influence of Jim Morrison (the Doors). Ended up in Paris, where we met her; had a son with French film actor Alain Delon, and was, for a time, Lüül 's girlfriend.

Irm Siering - German photographer who lived in Paris. Shot inside cover of Agitation Free's second LP "Second". Today runs a spotswear boutique in Berlin.

Klaus D. Müller - road manager for Agitation Free and Ash Ra Tempel , then for Klaus Schulze . Always a friend and supporter. His favorite Tarot card was "the fool". I wish him happy trails for the rest of his life - he's earned them! Today publishes the music of Klaus Schulze, among others. Recorded Agitation Free's " Final Reunion " on his Revox tape recorder and helped with this Biography, Thanks dear KDM !

Erhard Großkopf - serious music composer located in Berlin. Occasional member of the Gruppe Neue Musik Berlin. Composer of the piece "Looping IV", part of Agitation Free's repetoire.

Heinz Lau - music professor at Berlin's Academic High School. Initiator of many musical projects for young people; worked with Christian Kneisel , Christoph Franke , Gustav Lütjens , Michael "Höni" Hoenig , Lutz Ulbrich and Michael Günther at various times. Recommended Gustav Lütjens as guitarist for Agitation Free.

Dave Siddle - studio engineer on Agitation Free second LP " Second ". At one time also worked with Jimmi Hendrix.

Klaus Freudigmann - early sound/recording engineer and producer of German cult band Ton Steine Scherben; played in the band Eruption.

Mani Neumeier - Guru Guru drummer. Participant in Agitation Free's " Final Reunion ".

Konrad "Conny" Schnitzler - sculptor and and electronic experimenter. Agile initiator of many musical projects, e.g. Cluster , Eruption. In 1970 member of Tangerine Dream .

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